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art (n)
creative work or its principles; a making or doing of things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception
-- Webster's New World Dictionary


Glass Stuff Gallery

Soldered Memory Glass Pendants

[Picture] Queen Xina took a soldering class at Artiscape '08 and made beautiful pendants with our Clear Memory Glass Slides. The images are sandwiched between two slides, sealed with Copper Foil Tape, then soldered.

Faux Optical Lenses

Several talented customers have sent us images of their Faux Optical Lens creations. Unfortunately these lenses are unavailable, however we do have our Eccentric Magnifying Lens which is similar.

[Picture] The Lady Debbie Metti created this masterpiece using her Faux Optical Lens. She selected a Paris postmark image and used Diamond Glaze to glue it to the back of a Faux Optical Lens to create the charm that hangs in the center.

[Picture] Victoria Pearman made a very fancy beaded magnifier from a Lens. The Queen would call this a lorgnette.

"I did a beaded peyote stitch around both sides of the optical lense. I then did a round peyote stitch around a plastic coffee stirrer. I attached both together to make a magnifier. The magnifier is housed in a large collaged matchbox."

[Picture] Belinda Spiwak created this collage in a Lens. "I cut out a piece of tape measure paper. Put that over the glass. Added the word, "j" sticker and watch parts. Then I added Diamond Glaze to the whole thing and let dry."

[Picture] Bev Ryan created this key chain fob from her Lens.

Watch Bodies

Terri Brown shows us what you can do with a Pocket Watch Body.

[Picture] [Picture]

Watch Crystals

Nobleday has kindly sent us images of her dollhouse miniature work using some of our small Watch Crystals, which are no longer available

[Picture] [Picture]

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