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collage (n.)
an art form in which bits of objects, as newspaper, cloth, pressed flowers, etc. are pasted together on a surface in incongruous relationship for their symbolic or suggestive effect.
-- Webster's
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SkyBluePink is officially closed after 16 years in business!

BUT wait... some of our most popular and hard-to-find items will re-appear in the near future, after Queen Xina and Her staff move to the new Palace. Watch for a smaller Boutique SkyBluePink coming here in November!

We plan on selling selected items such as such as our Collage Packs of maps, foreign words, inclusion papers, used postage stamps, and joss papers; game pieces and dice; a few jewelry findings and charms, hinges and watch parts. And, of course, our wondrous Surprise Goodie Packages!

Questions? Email us at: .


Mini Calendars

The printer has sent a link for the page where you can order their mini calendar pads!

These are the exact same calendars that I sold for 14 years. Enjoy your crafting for the new year!

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