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art (n)
creative work or its principles; a making or doing of things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception
-- Webster's New World Dictionary


Punchinella Gallery

Julie's Friend

Lady Julie has used some Punchinella in a wonderful way, as wings for her angel!

"I used Punchinella for fairy wings. I also used the Liquitex molding paste for the 'hair' strands. I made this as a gift for a friend which she LOVED."

[Picture] [Picture]

Yvonne's Holiday Cards

Yvonne Pridmore from New Zealand has used Punchinella and ribbons to create some wonderful card designs.

[Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

Sandy's Cards

Punchinella art by Sandy Wisneski.

"I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that."

[Picture] Punchinella made a great background. Use double stick tape on the area where the cardstock overlaps with the layering and then it stays in place in the other areas (no need to add adhesive in the areas it shows). Image is from Art by Moonlight

Belinda's Punchinella Work

Belinda Spiwak has sent us some pictures of her work where she uses our Punchinella product, and she has added some notes about using beeswax or modeling paste with Punchinella. We have Punchinella in 30+ colors and shapes.

"All you do is melt some natural beeswax in a crock pot. Or you can use a double boiler. You can start it on high but turn it to low before it is all melted. It has a low flash point. Use a stipple brush or other brush you don't care about and load the punchinella with it. Just keep adding a little of it until you get the height you want. Let it cool slightly so that it starts to be cloudy but not too cool or the beeswax will stay stuck to the punchinella. Carefully lift the punchinella off and you have a great texture."
[Picture] "I used punchinella as a template. Just dabbed natural beeswax on there and waited for it to harden up a little. The beeswax will cloud up when hardening / cooling. Lift carefully. Don't wait too long or it will stick to the punchinella. Wait for it to cool and harden completely. I used brown shoe polish, gold glaze, and green Adirondack spray wash to get the colors."
"Celestial deco used the punchinella as a template with Golden's light molding paste. Just smear it on the punchinella and lift carefully. Let dry. I added different color glazes and washes." [Picture]
[Picture] "I love using the punchinella as a template for the Golden's light molding paste. The molding paste also holds my little embellishments when it dries."
"Here is another example with the punchinella and Golden's light molding paste." [Picture]
[Picture] Click on this image for an extreme close up of part of the Celestial deco. You can see the dots of Glolden's light molding paste.

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