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Beads & Findings

Paris Clocks

Paris Clocks

Old-style "Paris" brand clocks, with slightly domed tops and flat backs, now available in silver or gold. The image is printed on, so nothing moves and it's not a real clock. But it looks cool in scrapbooks, altered art, collage, and jewelry! Large is 3/4", small is 1/2".

Price: 4 small OR 3 large: $1.00 Sale: $0.80

4 Small Gold $0.80
3 Large Gold

4 Small Silver $0.80
3 Large Silver $0.80

12 Small Gold $3.00 $2.25
12 Large Gold

12 Small Silver $3.00 $2.25
12 Large Silver $4.00 $3.00

Cuff Links

Cuff Links - Sale

Silver-colored metal cuff links with round pads for gluing or soft-soldering. Add a bead, stone, toy piece, steampunk gears, watch parts, or any other embellishment you fancy. Easy-to-use bullet-back closure. Overall dimensions are 18mm x 18mm (11/16" x 11/16"). Glue pad is 10mm (3/8").

Price: $0.90 per pair Sale: $0.45 per pair

Bracelet Blanks

Bracelet Blanks - SALE

Bracelet blanks are used for making your own creative bracelet masterpieces. Glue stones, beads, polymer clay pieces, buttons, or what have you to the blank links for a stunning personal creation! Oval Bracelets are 8 inches long and have 6 oval links, each 3/4" wide. Square Bracelets are 7.5" long and have 11 square links that are 3/8". Box closures. 18k gold plate or nickel plate (silvery).

Sold Out

I cannot find another retail site for these bracelets, only a wholesale dealer. Email us if you would like that information.

Chunky Ball Chain Bracelets

Chunky Ball Chain Bracelets

Make a bold statement with these Chunky Ball Chain Bracelets, either plain or with a load of fun charms attached. This is #13 ball chain, 6mm (1/4") in diameter with 3 balls per inch of bracelet. The balls are hollow, so the bracelets are light weight.

About 8" long and includes a clasp. See larger image for a comparison with our regular 2.4mm ball chain. Click here to see sample charm bracelets in the Gallery.

New Lower Prices!

Price: $2.00 Sale: $1.40

Chunky Ball Chain Bracelets

Nickel-Plated Steel version - Price: $1.65 Sale: $1.15

Mystic Red
Medieval Brass
Nickel-Plated Steel

Dungeon Silver Sold Out

Curb Chain Bracelets

Curb Chain Bracelets - SALE

Curb chain bracelets are perfect for charm bracelets! We know you're all having fun making charms with solder or wire wrapping, so we found a nice little bracelet to attach them to; and, of course, it works with all of our Charms, too! About four 6x8mm links per inch, made of wire that is 1.2mm (0.04") thick. Finished with a lobster clasp. Easy to shorten if needed; clip off excess links and reattach the jump ring. Click the images to see a close-up of the links. Approx. 7.5" - 8.5" long.

1 Gun Metal $0.75 Sale: $0.55
12 Gun Metal List: $9.00 Sale: $5.00 <- - - New Lower Price!

Antiqued Brass Sold Out
Antiqued Copper Sold Out
Gold Plate Sold Out
Nickel Sold Out

Ring Blank

Ring Blanks - SALE

Now you can make rings to match your bracelet creations! Glue or solder stones, beads, polymer clay pieces, buttons, or what have you to the 10mm disc. Nickel or Hamilton Gold finish. Adjustable band is 0.7mm thick and 2.8mm wide.

Nickel: 6 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75
Nickel: 1 Gross (144) Sold Out

Hamilton Gold: 4 for $1.00 Sale: $0.75
Hamilton Gold: 1 Gross (144) for $30 Sale: $22.50

Charm Pin

5-Loop Charm Pin - SALE

Show off your favorite charms on this 5-Loop Charm Pin. Just hang one from each little loop and attach it safety-pin style. Shiny gilt (gold-tone) or Nickel finish. 2" long.

1 Gold $0.90 Sale: $0.50
10 Gold $7.25 Sale: $4.00 <--- New Lower Price!

1 Nickel Sold Out
10 Nickel Sold Out

Bobby Pins Bobby Pins
Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins

Metal Bobby Pins - now in 5 colors - so you can make your own hair adornments with beads, buttons, charms, etc. Nice and sturdy, not flimsy like the old-fashioned ones. 50mm (2") long, with a 10mm (3/8") round pad for gluing.

Price: 4 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Antique Copper

Gun Metal Sold Out
Antique Brass

Teenie Tiny Buttons

Teenie Tiny Buttons

The Teenie Tiny Buttons are amazingly small. See how the Royal Measuring Quarter dwarfs them in the larger image! The 6-mm buttons are about 1/4", while the 4-mm ones are only 1/6". There are 9 colors, but black and navy are hard to tell apart. Available in a pack of 36 buttons or by the gross.

NOTE - 4mm are SOLD OUT
6mm Buttons, 36-pack $1.00 Sale: $0.80
6mm Buttons, 1 Gross $3.50 Sale: $2.60

Light Blue
Soft Yellow

Pin Bar with Bail

Pin Bars - SALE

Steel pin backs come plain or with a bail (loop) so the item can be used as either a pin or a pendant. Plain come in 1" or 3/4" lengths. The ones with a bail are 1". All 1" Pin Bars are available in nickel or gilt (gold colored). The 3/4" are nickel.

5 Nickel With Bail $1.00 Sale: $0.75
1 Gross (144) Nickel With Bail Sold Out

5 Gilt With Bail $1.20 Sale: $0.95
1 Gross (144) Gilt With Bail Sold Out

9 Plain, Nickel 1" $1.00 Sale: $0.75
1 Gross Plain, Nickel 1" (144) $12.60 Sale: $7.60

9 Plain, Gilt 1" $1.00 Sale: $0.75
1 Gross Plain, Gilt 1" (144) $12.60 Sale: $7.60

10 Plain, 3/4" $1.00 Sale: $0.75


- SALE -

Brass filigree crescent Halos for all your angels. 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide.

Price: 3 for $1.12 Sale: $0.80

Angel Set
- SALE -

Click here to see a sample angel!

1 Halo and 1 pair of Feathered Wings for $1.35 Sale: $1.10


- SALE -

Brass Wings to adorn your angels. Sturdy, single-sided, stamped brass. Perfect for ATCs. Top: Feathered Wings are 1" x 1/2". Bottom: Filigree Wings are 1-1/4" x 3/8". The backs are not flat, so fill with glue for maximum adherence.

New Lower Price!

1 Pair Feathered Wings $1.35 Sale: $0.80

1 Pair Filigree Wings Sold Out

Angel Wings Angel Wings Angel Wings

Angel Wings - SALE

A one-piece Angel Wing stamped in steel, plated with gold, silver, or antique copper finish. Lightweight and lacy for all your angelic needs. 1-1/16" tall x 15/16" wide. Click here to see a size comparison. 4 per packet.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.75

Antique Copper

SkyBluePink is closing but whilst we wind things down, you can still order from what is left of our stock.

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