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Game Pieces


Standard Game Pawns - SALE

Now you can create your own games with our authentic Standard Game Pawns. For a fancy image with the pawns on a mirror, click here The gold and silver are NOT metallic, but have swirls of color. Click here to see them up close. Plastic. 1" tall, base is 5/8" across.

To order large numbers of pawns, click here.

Price: 10 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Sky Blue

13 Pawn Colors

Standard Pawn Color Sampler SALE

Want to check out all of the Standard Pawn colors? Get a pack with 1 each of our 13 colors.

Price: $1.25 Sale: $0.85

Pawn Rings

Pawn Rings - SALE

Flat plastic Pawn Rings fit on the Standard Pawns to change the value of a pawn during a game. Click here to see them in action and all 8 of the colors. Use them alone as a small counter or place marker, or work them into your jewelry, collage, or other crafts. 9/16" diameter x 5/16" hole diameter x 3/32" thick. About the thickness of a quarter.

Price: 20 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80


Game Pawn Packs

Game Packs

Creating your own game? We have the perfect set of pieces: 4 plastic pawns (red, blue, green, yellow) or 6 pawns (red, blue, green, yellow, black, white), both with or without 2 ivory dice.

4 Pawns for $0.60
4 Pawns + 2 Dice for $0.80
6 Pawns for $0.80
6 Pawns + 2 Dice for $1.00

Custom Game Packs

Looking for individual packages of game pieces in your choice of styles, colors, and numbers? We can do that!

Select from our 3 pawn styles, all the listed colors, with or without dice of any color, and we will package them in zippered plastic bags, whether it's 1 bag or 10,000.

For more information or a price quote, write to: .

Girl Pawns

Girl Pawns - SALE

Girl Pawn Power! Another fun shape to use for games. A tiny bit less than 1" tall. 1/2" wide. Plastic. Click here to see all 3 pawn types compared.

To order large numbers of pawns, click here.

Price: 10 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80


People Pawns

People Pawns - SALE

People Pawns, also known as Ball Pawns. A fun shape to use for games for your kids. Available as bags of assorted colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, white, black. 1-1/8" tall. 1/2" wide. Plastic. Specify colors in message box, if desired.

NOTE: They have a tendency to tip over easily. If you need more stability, use the Standard Game Pawns or the Girl Pawns. Click here to see all 3 pawn types compared.

4 for $0.80 Sale: $0.60
6 for $1.20 Sale: $0.90
8 for $1.60 (with all 8 colors) Sale: $1.20
50 for $9.20 Sale: $6.90
100 for $17.60 Sale: $13.20

3 Pawn Colors

Game Pieces Sampler - SALE

If you want to compare the various pawn shapes, this Sampler Pack is for you! Get 2 Standard Pawns, 2 Girl Pawns, 2 People Pawns, plus 4 Pawn Rings. Assorted colors, unless you specify choices in the message box on the shopping cart.

Price: $1.00 Sale: $0.80

Zip-A-Roos - SALE

Wonderfully useful little plastic baggies with zippers. Every craftsperson needs them to contain their bits and bobs. We use them to package up orders and purchase them by the thousands, thereby getting a great price. They are 2 mil reclosable poly bags. Sizes are inside dimensions measured flat. The zipper is on the side listed first.

Price per 100 bags:
2" x 2"   $1.25 Sale: $1.00
2" x 4"   $1.45 Sale: $1.20
2" x 5"   $1.50 Sale: $1.25
2" x 8"   $2.00 Sale: $1.25

2.5" x 3"   $1.50 Sale: $1.20

3" x 3"   $1.65 Sale: $1.30
3" x 4"   $1.90 Sale: $1.50
3" x 5"   $2.15 Sale: $1.70
3" x 8"   $2.80 Sale: $2.00

4" x 4"   $2.45 Sale: $1.95
4" x 5"   $2.60 Sale: $2.10
4" x 6"   $2.75 Sale: $2.20

6" x 4"   $3.50 Sale: $2.80
6" x 6"   $5.00 Sale: $4.00

Sand Timers

Sand Timers - SALE

Classic sand timers for creating your own games, replacing missing timers, or even for that 3-minute egg you love for breakfast. Sturdy acrylic with white sand. 3-7/8" tall.

Price: $2.00 each Sale: $1.25

1 Minute - White
1.5 Minute - Red (not shown)
2 Minute - Blue
3 Minute - Yellow


Chipettes - SALE

Small 3/4" plastic chips often used for game counters or for teaching kids about numbers. They come in 6 transparent colors. Nice and thin so you can add them to altered books, cards, journals, or ATCs!

To order large numbers of Chipettes, click here.

50 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80
300 for $5.00 Sale: $4.00
1,000 for $16.00 Sale: $12.00


Play Money

Bear Money

A complete set of Bear Play Money for the games you are creating! 20 each of 6 colors and values. 120 total pieces. 3-3/4" x 2"

Price: $3.00

Play Money

Blank Play Money

Play Money without the bears! Add values and pictures to make this money your own. 20 each of 6 colors. 120 pieces. 3-3/4" x 2"

Price: $3.00

Play Money

Adult Play Money

Adult Play Money is more like that found in adult games, i.e., no bears. Each packet comes with 30 of each denomination: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $500. 210 pieces. 2" x 4".

Price: $3.25

Out of Stock

Blank Game Cards

Blank Game Cards are perfect for your new game. Sturdy white cardstock, ready for your clues, trivia questions, or whatever your game needs. Cannot be printed by computer. 30 cards, 2" x 3"

Price: $1.50

Spinner Board

Game Spinner Kit

Complete Game Spinner Kits, ready for you to design. The sturdy chipboard base is 4" square and the plastic arrow is 2-3/4". The disk fits on the back with the board in between.

1 for $1.50
100 for $120.00


Game Board Spinners - SALE

Plastic spinners like you find on many board games. Use them to make up your own games or put one in an altered book. The arrows come either 4" or 3" in black. The disk fits on the back with the gameboard or a piece of cardboard in between.

NOTE: The 3" spinners are now black.

4 for $1.50
10 for $3.20 Sale: $2.60
50 for $15.00 Sale: $12.00
100 for $29.00 Sale: $23.00
500 for $135.00 Sale: $108.00
1000 for $250.00 Sale: $200.00

Black 4"
Black 3"

Blank Game Board Framed Game Board

Board Game Kits

To help you create your perfect board game, we have collected various game pieces from this page into three ready-to-go Board Game Kits. Click here for these kits.

Bingo Numbers

Wooden Bingo Numbers - SALE

Little wooden disks with red numbers from the game of Bingo. Each package has 15 different ones, randomly assorted. Great for ATCs, small shrines, even greeting cards. 5/8" across and a bit more than 1/8" thick (4mm).

1 Pack for $1.00 Sale: $0.75
5 Packs for $4.50 Sale: $3.20
10 Packs for $9.00 Sale: $6.00

Mahjong Tiles

Travel Mahjong Tiles - SALE

The classical designs from the Chinese game of mahjong (mah jongg, mahjongg) are incised on ivory-colored resin and colored in red, green, and black. Travel Mahjong tiles are 1-1/16" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" thick. Beautiful on Asian-themed cards or collage. All your favorite domino decorating techniques work well with these tiles.

Price: 5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80


Ivory Dominoes

Whether you use the front dots or dress up the backs, dominoes are fun to decorate. Two sizes of ivory-colored double-6 dominoes, with 28 per set. Regular with black dots: 1-15/16" x 15/16" x 5/16" thick. Mini dominoes with black dots: 1-3/16" x 9/16" x 3/16" thick. Heavy plastic resin.

Regular: 5 for $1.00
Regular Set: $5.50

Mini: 14 for $1.30 Out of Stock
Mini Set: $2.50 Out of Stock

More Colored Dice


Dice in cool colors for all your games, art projects, and educational projects. The dot colors are listed with each choice. Click here to see the dot colors for the Multicolored Dot dice. Normal game dice size, i.e., 15mm cubes.

5 for $1.20 Sale: $0.90
100 for $21.00 Sale: $16.00

Assorted Colors
Black (White Dots)
Blue (White Dots)
Green (White Dots)
Ivory (Black Dots)
Pink (White Dots)
Red (White Dots)
Hot Pink (Black Dots)
Licorice Black (Red Dots)
Red Hot Red (Black Dots)
Wild Yellow (Black Dots)

White (Multicolored Dots)

Counting Cubes

Counting Cubes - SALE

Blank cubes - dice without any dots - in white, red, or green. Use permanent markers or blank labels or stickers to create your own system for your game or lessons. Use blank for teaching kids about quantities. Popular with teachers. Normal dice size, i.e., 15mm cubes.

5 for $1.00 Sale: $0.80
50 for $8.50 Sale: $6.40


Hebrew Dice

Hebrew Dice

Ten-sided dice with the numbers from 1 to 10 in Hebrew. Great for educational lessons and games. 1" tall.

Price: $0.70 each

Little Guys Dice

These tiny 5 mm dice come in 12 opaque and 9 transparent colors. The dots are white except on clear, white, ivory, orange, and the new pink which have black. Click pictures to see how tiny they are!
Opaque Dice

5 mm Opaque Dice

Colors: Medium Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Ivory, Grey, Green, Orange, Black, White, Pink with Black Dots. NOTE: 5 of them lined up only equal 1 inch! Not suitable for children!

Price: 8 for $1.00


Transparent Dice

5 mm Transparent Dice

Colors: Aqua, Royal Blue, Pale Green, Dark Green, Red, Pink, Pale Purple, Clear, Yellow. (Pale Blue is discontinued.) NOTE: 5 of them lined up only take up 1 inch! Not suitable for children!

Price: 7 for $1.00


game pieces

Game Pieces

A bag of 40+ pieces from games like Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, Lego, Boggle, dominoes, dice, card games, checkers, chess, and othello.

Price: $3.00

Game Cards

40+ cards from games like Uno, Balderdash, Channel Surfing, Scruples, Sting, and many Trivial Pursuit editions - Baby Boomer, Genus, Silver Screen, Disney, Junior, and Genus II among others. Pick an assortment or one of the Trivial Pursuit mixtures.

Price: $1.00


SkyBluePink is closing permanently in March 2017!

Please order any supplies you will need soon to avoid finding them out of stock later.

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