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collage (n.)
an art form in which bits of objects, as newspaper, cloth, pressed flowers, etc. are pasted together on a surface in incongruous relationship for their symbolic or suggestive effect.
-- Webster's
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Welcome to SkyBluePink, Land of Cool Collage Stuff!

The Weekly Sale

Napkins Napkin Collage Packs are on sale!
Stipple Brushes Color Dapplers are on sale! These are our new substitute for the unavailable JudiKins' Color Dusters.
Tim Stamp Surprise Special! Tim's ATC Stamps are back in limited quantities!! Our vendor has discontinued them, but we found a small stash of leftovers!
Book pileSuper Special Deal Sale! All Books are On Sale!!

Newest Cool Stuff

We love to find cool stuff for collage and bring it to you for non-fancy prices! Everywhere we go, we look for collage stuff, especially in places where others see junk or waste or leftovers. Excess phone cable -- or cool colored wires? Pocket debris from a vacation -- or cool travel ephemera? It's all in your state of mind!

Other cool stuff can only be found in gigantic quantities, and a bag of 500 items may be a bit more than you need. Or one gizmo is expensive but getting a gross makes each one reasonable - if you can use the other 143! And sometimes pretty cool stuff is just found by chance, which favors the perpetual shopper, not the average time-starved crafter.

Enter Queen Xina and the staff at SkyBluePink. Consider them your personal collage shoppers or fairy godmothers, always on the lookout for collageable treasures just for you. You never know what they'll bring back next, but you do know it will be cool stuff for non-fancy prices.

For a generous helping of the cool stuff, take a look at our collage pack mixtures, the Kitchen Sink. Anything and everything can find its way into one of these amazing collections, from handmade papers to plastic doodads, shredded U.S. currency to computer chips, feathers to faces. Found Art Collage waiting to happen!

If you need Asian items, try our Asian Objects collage pack mixture. Inside you might find cool stuff like Chinese Joss Paper, Japanese book pages, postage stamps, Korean handmade paper, and Nepalese travel ephemera. We also have separate packs of postage stamps or Joss Paper.

Looking for some special papers to spark your creativity, but don't want to buy those large 20" x 30" sheets? The PaperBits collage pack mixture is just the thing! We bought those huge sheets and cut them down into pieces, so you can afford to add bits of brilliant color and design to all your projects.

Exciting collageable goodies await you within the Web pages of SkyBluePink. So come on in, wander about the place, and check out all our cool stuff for your cards, books, journals, and other art projects! Just click here to enter...

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